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This epic saga of five novels is immersed in the tumultuous Irish revolutionary period of the early nineteen hundreds while the world is embroiled in the Great War to end all wars and its aftermath.

The McCarthy and O’Donnell Clans, once mighty, were overthrown but are not extinct. They are still linked on two continents by a crafty medieval pact, entwined in religious and military history and mythology, utilizing Clan relics steeped in mythology. The hidden pact and its secrets can only be revealed to the Clans by Divine intervention when the Gaelic heritage is ripe for its second coming.

— An intriguing story of patriotism and passion.

The Clan links surface after a tragic sinking in Searchers during the revolutionary planning period including the inspirational funeral of the beloved unrepentant Fenian leader O’Donovan Rossa in 1915.

Searchers was published on Amazon/Kindle and in paperback in Spring 2016 in advance of the Centennial of the Easter Rising. Its launchings were conducted both at the Temple Bar Pub in Dublin and at St. Aidan’s Church in the Beaches, Toronto Canada, both buildings being featured in the novel.

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Entente, the second in a saga of romantic historical fiction novels set in the period of the Twentieth Century Irish Revolution, embroiled in the First World War with a potential Irish-German Alliance and involved in solving the riddles of an ancient Clans Pact.

Entente was published in May 2017 and its launching was conducted at Greenhorn Creek Golf Club in Angels Camp on June 16.

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The Clans unite in the adventure of discovery of the meaning of the ancient Clans Pact and search for ‘McCarthy Gold’ in Rising, the third book, embroiled in and around the pivotal Easter Rising in Ireland in 1916.

Rising is currently in editing by the author and Manzanita Writers Press personnel and is scheduled to be available before year end 2017.

The fortunes of the O’Donnell Clan are explored in Revolution, in the midst of the upheaval of revolution leading to the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921.

Revolution has been historically researched and is expected to be published by year end 2018.

The Clans seek to unravel and unearth an ancient religious mystery which has confounded civilization for centuries in Revelation the fifth book, while supporting the Irish Civil War in nineteen 1922–1923.

Revelation has been historically researched and is expected to be published by year end 2019

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