The Irish Clans

The Irish Clans is an epic story immersed in the tumultuous Irish revolutionary period of 1915 through 1923, while the world is embroiled in the Great War and its aftermath. The once mighty McCarthy and O’Donnell Clans, overthrown in ancient times, are not extinct. They are linked on two continents by a medieval pact entwining military history and religious mythology. Divine intervention plays a pivotal role in unearthing the secrets of the Clans’ treasure and heroic exploits. The patriotism and passion of Celtic heritage lies at the heart of this intriguing story.
Irish Republican martyrs rise against overpowering British forces to spark the revolution in the 1916 Easter Rising, while the Clans search for unity and treasure to honor the Clans Pact of their ancestors in Rising the third book in the series.

Published January 2019.

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