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Featured ~ Book 6: Fortunes ~ Available Sept. 2023

The Clans battle the British during the War of Independence while seeking to unravel the clues to the O’Donnell treasure crafted by their ancestors.

Tadgh and Morgan struggle with wartime differences and marital upheaval under tragic circumstances, testing Morgan’s love and fortitude to the limit.

War correspondent Collin is drawn into the war and family treasure hunt despite his wife Kathy’s strong objections back home in Canada.

Jack pines for Morgan while romancing Deirdre, who is plotting her own Templar mission destined to clash with the Clans and the Moroccan Pirates.

This book will be launched by Authors Reputation Press at the acclaimed Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany, October 18–20, 2023!

ARC Review — Dan Horwood

I just finished book six, and I enjoyed it very much. It’s not like me to spend all day reading a book, but that’s what happened to my last two days. I found that I couldn’t put it down. And now I’m anxious to get into book seven. Please make it available as soon as possible.

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Manzanita Writers Press of Northern California is the editor and publisher of my The Irish Clans novel series.

I am proud to announce that my marketing will be managed by Author Reputation Press (ARP) of Canton, MA.

They are creating book trailers shown here, and movie script coverages for the first six novels.

I am expanding my personal social media and sales marketing efforts with ARP and the valued input from Martyn Beeney at Reedsy.com

Book Trailers

Book 1: Searchers

Book 2: Entente

Book 3: Rising

Coming Soon
There will now be eight novels in the Irish Clans series. The tragic split of families due to the Irish Civil War coming on the heels of the Anglo-Irish Treaty compromise that separated British Northern Ireland from the new Republic of Ireland necessitated a more thorough treatment in Book Seven: Asunder, resulting in the need for Book Eight: Revelation to complete the Civil War and treasure hunting story. Happy reading.

Novels in the Irish Clans Series

The Irish Clans

is an epic story immersed in the tumultuous Irish revolutionary period of 1915 through 1923, while the world is embroiled in the Great War and its aftermath. The once mighty McCarthy and O’Donnell Clans, overthrown in ancient times, are not extinct. They are linked on two continents by a medieval pact entwining military history and religious mythology. Divine intervention plays a pivotal role in unearthing the secrets of the Clans’ treasure and heroic exploits. The patriotism and passion of Celtic heritage lies at the heart of this intriguing story.

Tetralogy 1

The Road to Revolution

The Irish Clans ~ Stephen Finlay Archer

Tetralogy 2


A tragedy at sea sets in motion the search for life’s true treasures, both in 1915 Ireland, when the funeral of Fenian Rossa fans the flames of revolution, and in America, where the clans begin a journey toward their destiny in Searchers, the first book of the series.

Published March 2016.

The mysteries of an ancient Clans Pact deepen beneath the horrors of WWI as Irish Rebels march toward revolution in Entente, the second book in the series.

Published May 2017.

Irish Republican martyrs rise against overpowering British forces to spark the revolution in the 1916 Easter Rising, while the Clans search for unity and treasure to honor the Clans Pact of their ancestors in Rising the third book in the series.

Published January 2019.

In the aftermath of the Easter Rising, the Clans seek the McCarthy treasure as Collin searches for his missing sister in McCarthy Gold, the fourth book in the series.

Published January 2020.

While fighting for Irish freedom, the McCarthys suffer brutal consequences of the merciless British oppression in the early years of the War of Independence in Revolution, the fifth book in the series.

Published March 2022.

The mysteries of the O’Donnell Clan are explored under tragic circumstances in the last year of the Irish Revolution’s War of Independence upheaval in Fortunes, the sixth book in the series.

Published September 2023.

The Clans, fractured at the start of the Irish Civil War in 1922, follow the ancient clues in an attempt to recover the O’Donnell Treasure they have lost, in Asunder, the seventh book in the series.

Anticipated publication July 2024.

The Clans, while supporting the Irish Civil War in 1922–1923, seek to unravel and unearth an ancient religious mystery that has confounded civilization for centuries in Revelation, the eighth and final book in the series.

Anticipated publication end of 2024.

The Irish Clans Rise Again!