Stephen’s Saga Issue # 4 July 4, 2016

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Dear Readers,

Happy July 4th to all of you! Hopefully it is a day when we all remember what we were taught about the moral fiber of our founding fathers, fighting for and achieving our independence. Liberty and freedom for all our citizens. This may be one of the most critical years in our country’s existence for us to remember that.

I am remiss in not keeping you up to date on the progress of my project.

IMG_3214 (2)My wife, Kathy, and I did in fact go to Ireland in March for the launching of Searchers at the Temple Bar pub in Dublin and at Clancy’s Bar and Restaurant in Cork City. Both of these establishments are involved in my novel series, The Irish Clans. I can report that Book 1 Searchers was well received there! Mr. Cleary, the owner of the Temple Bar pub has agreed to sell my books at his adjacent Temple Bar Trading Company. Thank you Tom.

The centenary ceremonies for the 1916 Easter Rising were excellent in Dublin at Easter.

P1260697 (2)We did also go to Canada and conducted a book launching in my home town, the Beaches area of Toronto, which is featured in my novel. This was held in St. Aidan’s Church with many of my relatives and friends present. Many of them, including myself of course, are direct descendants of Sam Finlay, a character in the novel as well. While in Ottawa we attended a marvelous Easter Rising commemorative play at St. Brigid’s Centre.

Then we spent the first week of June attending the Ireland 100 Festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC where we met some very literate Irish authors.

So we have been busy, having sold or placed about 300 books since they were published at the end of February. I am starting to get feedback from my readers, such as the following from Maddie B on June 30th;

“Good afternoon Stephen, I met you at Twisted Oak Winery, bought your first book which you autographed for me, which is wonderful! Is there a published sequel, “The Rising”? I have lent your book to my friends which has been so enjoyed. Hope all is well. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Maddie B”

This is encouraging! I am working feverishly to complete Book 2, Rising. Because of the surprise ending to Book 1, I have now completed 16 new chapters for the beginning of Rising which I think will greatly enhance your enjoyment of that novel. I am in the editing process for Rising which should be out around year end.

Meanwhile, the e-book version of Searchers should be available on Amazon/Kindle by the end of July and therefore available for Amazon reviews.

I promise to be more diligent in the future to keep you up to date on my progress and I look forward to your feedback on my work.

Happy reading.

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  1. Vicky Kelly (ey)

    They sound wonderful. I love a good novel with accurate historical information. My Great Grandfather came from Tandagree,Arm,
    Ireland to West Virgina. Born Dec.12,1873. I’d love to know more about this part of my family, but I will also enjoy reading about Ireland. I hope to visit before I can’t. Thank u


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