The Irish have historically suffered famine, war, and prejudice. A piece of silver is made more valuable because of the nicks and scrapes called patina. What beautifully unique attributes have centuries of struggle given to the Irish as a people? What makes them unique, strong, powerful? What binds them together?

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Questions & Answers

The long-suffering Irish were tenacious in their fight for freedom. Beaten down, they rose again and again against grim odds. As a result, they became a hard-working race, willing to take on the toughest and most menial jobs with gusto. Remembering their martyrs, they sing their praises, making them a boisterous and outward-going race. The Irish around the world, driven from their homeland , have formed an international bond of brothers and sisters who remember their heritage proudly.

The British built their empire through force and control of the seas. That empire around the world has been overthrown and has now crumbled. The Irish have established a diaspora of countrymen around the world bound together through faith, remembrance and love of their mother country which thrives today in our diverse and challenging world. So who has conquered whom?


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