Why seven novels?

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Questions & Answers

I have a story to tell, a captivating one I believe. Historically it is a complex series of Irish revolutionary events starting with an eulogy in 1915 and ending with a civil war in 1922 – 1923. When I outlined the project I thought it would take four novels to tell. However, as the plotline and fictitious characters evolved, I realized that there were more world events that entered into the conflict, for example World War I, the American entry into it and the connection with Germany. The complexities of the historical Gaelic clues for the treasure hunts and of the protagonists and antagonists searching for them grew as my research unearthed more and more fascinating interconnections.

I am currently writing Book Seven: Revelation and more exciting clues are emerging from the mists of history. Although I still plan on this novel completing the series, it is possible that the series will stretch to an eighth novel. Only time will tell . . .


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